Year of dava visualization


A project to experiment different data visualization JS libraries


Year of data visualization



Yodv (Year of Data Visualization) is a "personal project" that helps me to:

  1. Test graphs and data visualization libraries
  2. Back writing UI code, trying to get back my pure FE skills
  3. Wander through the free open data present on the web and understand how to represent it best
  4. Have fun

What doesn't mean?

  1. If you don't like the data I show, sorry, at the bottom of the page there is the source, get mad at them
  2. If it doesn't look good on your PC, I'm sorry, try writing to me or opening an issue on GitHub, I'll try to fix it, but I don't promise anything
  3. It's a daily project, inevitably some days the data will be more interesting, others less so, if that's the case, wait until tomorrow

I hope you are enjoying the project and happy Year of Data Visualization

Nerd setup

Local development

The application is an easy Next.js app, using the app router, so what you need to do to run it locally

npm i
npm run dev
// -> go to localhost:3000


.env is needed only if u want to configure:

  • posthog connection


The project, since is done in Next.js, is generating static files from the React Components

To run it and test it locally

npm i
npm run build
// -> serve the `out` folder


Deploy done using Vercel integration



YODV is under free open source Apache License Version 2.0.

Call to action

Join our project and provide assistance by:

  • Checking out the list of open issues where we need help.
  • When creating a pull request, kindly consider the time it takes for reviewing and testing, and maintain proper coding style.

Please Star YODV repository to encourage contributors and helps to grow our community. Contact us for the feedback or new ideas.

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