Unity Open Project #1: Chop Chop



⚠ Note: As of December 2021, Open Projects and Chop Chop are not in development anymore. For more information, read here. The information below is kept as legacy.

Unity Open Project #1: Chop Chop

Unity Open Projects

Welcome! This is the repository for the first Unity Open Project, an initiative where Unity and the community collaborate together to create a small open-source game demo.

The first game, which is currently under development, is an action-adventure titled Chop Chop (more info).

Follow the progress

  • The dedicated sub-forum on the Unity forums is where the Unity team and the whole community discuss and brainstorm ideas.
  • The roadmap is the central location to know what's coming to the game. Also a great way to find tasks to contribute on!
  • The Unity team does bi-weekly livestreams on Unity's YouTube channel (subscribe to be notified). Find the past ones in this playlist.
  • The #open-projects channel on the Official Unity Discord is where collaborators can meet for a quick chat and non-threaded discussion.


We would love to get your contributions into the game! Whether you create code, art, narrative, sounds; whether you feel you are experienced enough or not; there is probably something you can add to it.

To learn all about contributing, we have a series of short videos to get you started with Git and with this project in general.
In addition to that, make sure you read the Contribution Guidelines. For code style, scene hierarchy, and project organisation standards, read the Conventions document. And for art contributions, we have the Art Guidelines.
⚠ Please post on the forums and check the roadmap before starting to work on big contributions!

If you feel like taking on some bugs, check out the Issues page on this very repo. In fact, another thing you could help with is by doing some QA testing: download the latest release of the game, play it, and report issues in the appropriate page. That's also a great way to be part of this project!

This project is built on Unity 2020.3 LTS, whatever latest patch is available (you can see exactly which version here).

OP1 WIP Screenshot A work in progress screenshot

Play the game

Just want to try the game out? Head to the release page and grab the latest version.

We are looking forward to see what you will create
- the Unity Creator Advocacy team