The most no-nonsense locally hosted (or API hosted) AI code completion plugin for Visual Studio Code, like GitHub Copilot but 100% free and 100% private.




Free and private AI extension for Visual Studio Code.

Twinny is your definitive, no-nonsense AI code completion plugin for Visual Studio Code and compatible editors like VSCodium. It's designed to integrate seamlessly with various tools and frameworks:

🚀 Getting Started

Visit the quick start guide to get started.

Main Features

Fill in the Middle Code Completion

Get AI-based suggestions in real time. Let Twinny autocomplete your code as you type.

Fill in the Middle Example

Chat with AI About Your Code

Discuss your code via the sidebar: get function explanations, generate tests, request refactoring, and more.

Additional Features

  • Operates online or offline
  • Highly customizable API endpoints for FIM and chat
  • Chat conversations are preserved
  • Conforms to the OpenAI API standard
  • Supports single or multiline fill-in-middle completions
  • Customizable prompt templates
  • Generate git commit messages from staged changes
  • Easy installation via the Visual Studio Code extensions marketplace
  • Customizable settings for API provider, model name, port number, and path
  • Compatible with Ollama, llama.cpp, oobabooga, and LM Studio APIs
  • Accepts code solutions directly in the editor
  • Creates new documents from code blocks
  • Copies generated code solution blocks

Known Issues

Visit the GitHub issues page for known problems and troubleshooting.


Interested in contributing? Reach out on Twitter, describe your changes in an issue, and submit a PR when ready. Twinny is open-source under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for more details.

Support Twinny

Thanks for using Twinny!

This project is and will always be free and open source. If you find it helpful, please consider showing your appreciation with a small donation <3

Bitcoin: 1PVavNkMmBmUz8nRYdnVXiTgXrAyaxfehj


Twinny is actively developed and provided "as is". Functionality may vary between updates.

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