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A Modern Open Source CRM

Crafted with Precision. Built for Success.


Access the alpha version of our CRM at Click-to-deploy buttons for Render and Railway are coming soon.

For local setup, please refer to the documentation for quick and easy startup instructions.


We are building an Open Source CRM designed to be enjoyable to use, easily extendable, and perfectly in-sync with your data.

Twenty was created as a Public Benefits Company, driven by the goal of helping people and meeting users' needs. We believe in complete transparency and have made the decision to go open source to align with our mission.

For our users:

  • Complete transparency on what we are building, allowing you to observe the intricate machinery in action.
  • The ability to contribute and influence the roadmap.

For the developer community:

  • Self-hosted CRM solution that keeps your data on your own servers.
  • Reusable components, such as tables or kanban boards (coming soon).
  • New approach to CRM extensibility, managed by your engineering team (coming soon).


We are currently in the development phase of Twenty's alpha version. Please create an issue to flag a specific need.

Below are the features we have implemented:

  • Add, filter, sort, edit, and track customers.
  • Create one or several opportunities for each company.
  • Rich notes (and soon tasks) displayed in a timeline.
  • Navigate quickly using keyboard shortcuts and search.

Upcoming features

Coming before August 15:

  • A task system
  • A notification center
  • More standard fields
  • AI/LLM integration to Notes
  • Pipelines and table customization
  • New dark mode with higher contrasts
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Coming later this year:

  • Advanced search and filters
  • Auto-logging emails
  • Data connectors
  • Custom fields
  • Custom objects
  • +++

Track planning on Github Projects and help us prioritize by upvoting or creating issues.


The documentation is available on

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our Discord.

Helping us

The easiest way to help us is to star the repository and help us gain visibility. Contributions are most welcome! It doesn't have to be code; you can create an issue to report a bug, join discussions on Discord, or write documentation.

Office hours

Want to meet the team or need direct support? Book a slot during our office hours.

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