Trame lets you weave various components and technologies into a Web Application solely written in Python.


Trame is a web framework that helps create interactive visual analytics applications easily. It leverages various libraries and tools such as Vuetify, Altair, Vega,, VTK, ParaView, and more to deliver vivid content. With best-in-class VTK and ParaView platforms at its core, it provides complete control of 3D visualizations and data movements. Trame focuses on one's data and associated analysis and visualizations while hiding the complications of web app development by relying simply on Python. The resulting trame applications can act as local desktop applications or remote cloud applications both accessed through a browser. Installation can be done with pip, and the Trame Tutorial teaches you how to use the library and start building your own application. Trame is made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Optional dependencies may require additional dependencies depending on your usage. Environment variables are also available, such as path to log file for capturing network exchange and maximum size in bytes of any ws message. Life cycle callbacks are directly managed on the application controller and prefixed with on_*. The shared state allows synchronization between the server and the client, and some state values should not be used or changed by the user except for specific ones such as updating the favicon or page title.
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