Developer & translator friendly web-based localization platform


This is a README file for the open-source localization platform Tolgee. Tolgee helps developers save time on localization tasks by providing perfectly translated software. It offers in-context translating and one-click screenshots for easy translation modification, even in production environments. Tolgee integrates into your app via SDKs and supports machine translation services such as DeepL, Google Translate, and AWS Translate. The platform also includes translation memory suggestions, auto-translation, activity logs, commenting on translations, and translation history. The README provides quick links to the Tolgee website, product features, dev tools, integrations, platform documentation, and development notes. The document also includes a quick start guide for users to sign up, create a project, and follow an integration guide. The contributors section includes information on Tolgee Rewards, where contributors can claim badges to showcase their work and inspire more people to contribute. The document ends with an invitation for feedback from users.
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