☎️ Advanced error handler and logger for dart and flutter apps


Talker is an advanced error handler and logger for Dart and Flutter apps that allows developers to log app actions, catch and handle errors and exceptions, show alerts and share log reports. The project aims to provide the ability to quickly understand where errors occur in apps and can work with different state management libraries and any crash reporting tool. Talker comes with a range of packages for customization, including Talker, TalkerFlutter, TalkerLogger, TalkerDioLogger, and TalkerBlocLogger. To get started with Talker, developers need to add the dependency and use the simple and concise syntax to log actions and errors. Talker also offers customization options for configuring the error handler and logger, such as enabling or disabling all Talker processes, saving logs data in history, specifying the length of history, and enabling or disabling console logs. TalkerFlutter is an extension for Dart Talker that simplifies working with Flutter application logs, errors, and exceptions. It comes with additional functionality, including colored Flutter app logs, logs list screen, showing error messages at UI out of the box, route observer, and more. TalkerFlutter also offers widgets like TalkerScreen, TalkerMonitor, TalkerWrapper, and TalkerBuilder for customized UI output. Talker integrates with ready-to-use packages like TalkerDioLogger and TalkerBlocLogger or allows developers to create their own packages for lightweight loggers for the main activities of their application. Talker has 100% test coverage and is under development, ready for pull-requests and issues.
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