SystemTrayMenu - Browse and open your files easily




SystemTrayMenu is an open source 'Desktop Toolbar' or 'Start Menu' alternative. It provides a clear, personalized menu that can be controlled via keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. The menu organizes files, links, and folders in dropdown menus with multiple levels. You can adjust various options such as appearance, hotkey, autostart, and behavior.

Shortcuts to folders or network paths are resolved and displayed like folders. The search function allows you to define hotkey sequences to find and open items. The menu remains open if you start multiple applications and the mouse is still on the menu or if a script steals focus temporarily. The menu appears transparent when it doesn't have focus and closes automatically when you leave it. A scrollbar appears when there are too many items, which can be controlled using the mouse wheel. You can also drag and drop items to open them with an application or copy them to the desktop. Additionally, you can create URL shortcuts by dragging and dropping URLs from the browser into the menu.

Controlled via Keyboard and like the 'Start Menu' - Demo

Demo Screenshot

Controlled via Mouse and like the 'Desktop Toolbar' - Demo

Demo Screenshot

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Win Open SystemTrayMenu (Shortcut can be configured)
↑/↓ Navigate items within a menu
←/→ Navigate through menus
Return Open selected item
Apps Open Explorer Context Menu
Tab Switch to next/previous menu (also via Shift+Tab)
Esc Close SystemTrayMenu


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