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Browse and open your files easily

SystemTrayMenu is an open source 'Desktop Toolbar' or 'Start Menu' alternative. It offers a clear, personalized menu which can be controlled via keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. Files, links and folders are organized in several levels as dropdown menus. Various options like appearance, hotkey, autostart and behavior can be adjusted.

  • Shortcuts to folders or to network paths are resolved. Their content is displayed like a folder.
  • The search function allows you to define hotkey sequences to find and open items.
  • The menu stays open, if starting several applications and mouse still on the menu or if a script steals the focus for a short time.
  • Menu appears transparent in case it has no focus and closes automatically when you leave the menu.
  • A scrollbar appears when there are too many items, which can also be controlled via mouse wheel.
  • Supports drag and drop to open an item with an application or to copy it to the desktop.
  • There is a possiblity to create URL shortcuts including the browser icon via drag and drop the URL from the browser into the menu.

Controlled via keyboard and like the 'Start Menu' - Demo

20220311_182732 (2)

Controlled via mouse and like the 'Desktop Toolbar' - Demo

20220311_183519 (1)

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+WinOpen SystemTrayMenu (Shortcut can be configured)
/Navigate items within a menu
/Navigate through menus
ReturnOpen selected item
AppsOpen Explorer Context Menu
TabSwitch to next/previous menu (also via Shift+Tab)
EscClose SystemTrayMenu


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What do I have to do as first steps?

SystemTrayMenu is portable, so it does not need to be installed. After downloading e.g., unzip the folder, then start SystemTrayMenu.exe. If you prefer an installation there is the possibility to install SystemTrayMenu via the Microsoft Store.

  1. Step: After starting the application the first time you have to choose the root directory.
    In this directory you should put shortcuts, files and folders (App, Game, Script, URL, Network),
    which you are often using and especially when you can not find them over the windows start menu search.
    You can also consider to put there all files from your desktop.

  2. Step: Move the SystemTrayMenu icon by drag and drop from the system tray into the taskbar below.

group systemtray

  1. Step: 'Right click' on taskbar item -> 'Pin to taskbar'

pin to taskbar

Now it is ready to start - just click on the icon in the system tray or the taskbar or press the hotkey (Ctrl + LWin) to open the SystemTrayMenu.

How can I change the root directory?

You can change the root directory in the settings menu, which can be opened by right clicking on the icon in the system tray.

What does the hotkey do?

In the settings menu you can choose a hotkey to open and close the SystemTrayMenu.

Can the SystemTrayMenu launch on windows startup?

Yes, you can select this option in the settings menu, which can be opened by right clicking on the icon in the systen tray.

How can I add Windows 'Shutdown' or Windows 'Restart'?

Create a file 'Shutdown.bat' : Shutdown.exe -s -t 00. Create a file 'Restart.bat'. Shutdown.exe -r -t 00. Make shortcuts of the files and maybe also set an icon to the shortcut. Rename the link to e.g. 'xx Shutdown'. Either put it directly into the root folder or include the files via option 'Folders'. There you could also hide the scripts by default and only show it when searching e.g. 'xx'. Then you can shutdown your PC with: hotkey + xx + Enter

2022-02-06 11_09_12-Window

How can I switch sound between 'Speaker' and 'Headset'?

Download NirCmd, put nircmd.exe to your preferred location.
Create a file 'Speaker - Audio.bat': "D:\<preffered location>\nircmd\nircmd.exe" setdefaultsounddevice "VSX-521" 1
Create a file 'Headset - Audio.bat': "D:\<preffered location>\nircmd\nircmd.exe" setdefaultsounddevice "Speakers" 1.

Then you can switch between speaker and headset with: hotkey + headset + Enter

2022-02-06 11_16_30-Window

How can I move the 'Recycle Bin' from the Desktop into the STM?

Create a shortcut of 'Recycle Bin' and put it into STM. Then hide it from desktop: To find the option, right-click on the desktop, choose “Personalize,” and then click “Desktop Icon Settings” in the left sidebar. Uncheck the “Recycle Bin” box and click “OK” to save your changes. Then you can e.g. empty your 'Recycle Bin' with: hotkey + recycle + Keys.App (to open context menu) + b (context menu shortcut for 'Empty Recycle Bin') + Enter

2022-02-06 12_37_51-Window

Which options are there to control the behavior via taskbar item?

By default, the 'Show in Taskbar' option is activated, which means there is shown an active form in the taskbar which can be used to open and close the menu via activate and deactivate event, e.g. also via Alt + Tab.

2022-02-06 15_35_02-Window

When you switch off the option, there is no active form in the taskbar. When you start the application, then other instances will be killed and a new one started. This behavior can be changed via

2022-03-11 13_02_28-Window

If the shortcut is pressed then via the taskbar item, we need more time to show the menu (because we have to start an extra process which tells the first to open).

What can I do if I have a problem, idea or question?

If a problem has occured or you have ideas or questions, you are welcome to contact us:

Find more FAQ topics here: SystemTrayMenu FAQ


Some antiviruses might flag this program as malicious, but it is not! The source is open, so you can compile it yourself.


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If you would like to contribute, you are very welcome.
If you are considering a feature, need guidance, or want to talk about an idea, don't hesitate to create an issue or a discussion here.
When contributing please respect the style used by the codebase and consider the following rules:

  • Fix warnings shown by code analyzers.
  • Increase the version in the assembly file.
  • Add a commit message like:
[Feature] Show icon in taskbar when application is running (#115), version


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