Open source alternative to Auth0 / Firebase Auth / AWS Cognito



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Open-Source auth provider Add secure login and session management to your apps. SDKs available for popular languages and front-end frameworks e.g. Node.js, Go, Python, React.js, React Native, Vanilla JS, etc.

Architecture Diagram

Supertokens architecture is optimized to add secure authentication for your users without compromising on user and developer experience Three building blocks of SuperTokens architecture:
  • Frontend SDK: Manages session tokens and renders login UI widgets
  • Backend SDK: Provides APIs for sign-up, sign-in, signout, session refreshing, etc. Your Frontend will talk to these APIs
  • SuperTokens Core: The HTTP service for the core auth logic and database operations. This service is used by the Backend SDK
Supports multiple auth strategies:
  • Passwordless
  • Social Login
  • Email Password Login
  • Phone Password Login
  • Passwordless + Social Login
  • Email Password + Social Login
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