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The self-hostable Loom alternative.

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Snapify allows you to record and share recordings asynchronously:

  • Make unlimited recordings of your tab, desktop, and any application
  • Share recordings with anyone using a public link
  • Delete or un-list recordings after a specific timeframe
  • Upload and share existing videos



Clone the repo into a public GitHub repository (or fork).

git clone

Go to the project folder:

cd snapify

Install packages with yarn:

npm i

Set up your .env file:

  • Duplicate .env.example to .env
  • Use openssl rand -base64 32 to generate a key and add it under NEXTAUTH_SECRET in the .env file
  • Fill in the other variables:
    • Configure DATABASE_URL:
      • Open Railway and click "Start a New Project," and select Provision "PostgreSQL"
      • Select the Postgres App and copy the DATABASE_URL into the .env
    • Obtaining the Github API Credentials:
      • Open Github Developer Settings
      • Go to OAuth Apps from the side pane
      • Click the "New OAuth App" button
      • Set Authorization callback URL to /api/auth/callback/github replacing Snapify URL with the URI at which your application runs
      • Copy the Client ID as GITHUB_ID into the .env
      • Click "Generate a new client secret" and copy the Client secret as GITHUB_SECRET into the .env
    • Obtaining the AWS S3 API Credentials:
      • Open B2 Cloud Storage Buckets
      • Create a new Bucket, set it to private
      • Copy the Endpoint as AWS_ENDPOINT and the Bucket name as AWS_BUCKET_NAME into the .env
      • Add the AWS_REGION (e.g., us-east-005) into the .env
      • Go to Application Keys and create a new Application Key with full read and write access to the bucket
      • Copy the keyID as AWS_KEY_ID and the applicationKey as AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY into the .env

Run (in development mode)

npm run dev


Make sure to set the environment variable NEXTAUTH_URL to the correct value.

In a terminal, run:

npm run test:e2e



Deploy with Vercel


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Distributed under the Sustainable Use License. See for more information.

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