Cross-platform application for easy encrypted file, folder, and text sharing between devices.




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Rymdport (formerly wormhole-gui) is a cross-platform application that lets you easily and safely share files, folders, and text between devices. The data is sent securely with end-to-end encryption using the same protocol as magic-wormhole. This means that Rymdport can talk not only to itself, but also to other wormhole clients.

The transfers are implemented using wormhole-william, a native Go implementation of magic-wormhole. As a result, Rymdport compiles into a single native binary with no runtime dependencies while also outperforming the reference implementation of magic-wormhole.


Please visit the release page to download the latest release. Pre-built binaries are available for FreeBSD, Linux, macOS (x86-64 and arm64) and Windows (x86-64).

Packages in repositories

For Linux users, Rymdport is also avaliable as a Flatpak on Flathub:

Download on Flathub

The following distributions also have binary packages available through their respective package managers:

Packaging status

For more information on how to build Rymdport for a distribution package, see PACKAGING.md.

Running on macOS arm64 (M1/M2)

Binaries that are not signed with an official Apple certificate and downloaded from the web are put into quarantine by macOS (Apple computers with Intel CPUs do not exhibit this behavior). To solve this, you need to remove the quarantine attribute from the application (replacing <path to .app> with the application path):

xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine <path to .app>

If this does not work, the amd64 binaries work fine through Rosetta.


Rymdport compiles into a statically linked binary with no explicit runtime dependencies. Compiling requires a Go compiler (version 1.19 or later) and the prerequisites for Fyne.

For more information, see the Requirements page in the Rymdport Wiki.


Systems with the compile-time requirements satisfied can build the project using go build in the project root:

go build

Compilation and installation can also be performed using GNU Make (installing this way is only supported on Linux and BSD):

sudo make install

For more information, see the Compiling page in the Rymdport Wiki.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful for the support received by the following organizations:

Sponsored by Fyne Labs

Sponsored by Tutanota


Rymdport is an open source project that is provided free of charge, and that will continue to be the case forever. If you use this project and appreciate the work being put into it, please consider supporting its development through GitHub Sponsors. This is in no way a requirement, but would be greatly appreciated and would allow for even more improvements to come further down the road.


Contributions are strongly appreciated. Everything from creating bug reports to contributing code will help the project a lot, so please feel free to help in any way, shape, or form that you feel comfortable with.


The word "rymdport" (pronounced [rym:dpor‿t:]) comes from the Swedish language and means "space gate". As a wormhole is a kind of gateway through space, it became the new name after "wormhole-gui".


  • Rymdport is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 and will forever continue to be open source.