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Ree.js is a web framework designed for speed, simplicity, and compatibility. To use Ree.js, Node.js v18+ must be installed, and the "reejs" package can be installed globally using npm. The framework is modular, allowing users to add or remove features as they like, and users can even create their own features to share with the community. Packit is a pluggable-based transpiler used in Ree.js, providing efficient code transpilation for different runtimes. Additionally, URL Imports enable users to import files from the web, which can be locally saved using the "reejs sync" command. For security reasons, Ree.js suggests pinning down dependencies to a specific version. Ree.js offers several features on top of React, including Tailwind (TwindCSS), API, and Static File Serving. Ree.js has been benchmarked against Vite and Next.js and demonstrates faster development and production builds, lower memory footprint, and smaller project sizes out-of-the-box. Ree.js uses Hono Server under the hood, and its server benchmarks outperform those of Vite and Next.js. Users can contribute to Ree.js by following the guidelines.
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