Sub-second search & analytics engine on cloud storage


This GitHub README.md file describes Quickwit, a sub-second search and analytics engine on cloud storage. It is optimized for log management, distributed traces, and other immutable data. The file highlights the features of Quickwit, including full-text search and aggregation queries, sub-second search on cloud storage, decoupled compute and storage, stateless indexers and searchers, schemaless or strict schema indexing, and multi-tenancy. Quickstart guides, documentation, resources, FAQs, and the roadmap are included in this file. Quickwit uses an open-source GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 - AGPLv3, with a commercial option for enterprise support. The file also includes information about contributing to Quickwit and joining its community through Discord, blogs, Twitter, and YouTube. Quickwit has a variety of upcoming features, such as distributed and replicated native ingestion, local storage caching, Grafana data source, SQL, security (TLS, authentication, RBAC), and alerting.
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