A completion manager for better and simpler use and Manage completions.(一个补全管理模块,更好、更简单、更方便的使用和管理补全)



PSCompletions (psc)

A completion manager in PowerShell for better and simpler use and management of completions. It can also be used in Windows PowerShell. Manage completions together and switch between languages (zh-CN, en-US) freely. The completion tab can be dynamically sorted by frequency of use, and the complete content can be customized by modifying the JSON file. It is recommended to modify only the completion prompt description to avoid accidental errors. To overwrite customizations, avoid using "psc update" and use "psc update" if there are problems.

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How to Install

  1. Start PowerShell
  2. Install the PSCompletions module: Install-Module PSCompletions
  3. Import the PSCompletions module: Import-Module PSCompletions
  4. Optionally, add echo "Import-Module PSCompletions" >> $PROFILE to your profile so you don't have to import the module every time you open PowerShell.

How to Use (e.g., git)

Available Completions:

  • If the completion you want is not included, you can submit an issue, and it will be considered for addition.
  • Add Git completion: psc add git
  • Type "git" and press Tab to get command completion.
  • For more commands on psc, type "psc" and then press Tab.

How to Uninstall

Uninstall the PSCompletions module: Uninstall-Module PSCompletions


PSCompletions Demo

About Special Symbols in Completion Description

  • ✨: Press Space and Tab to get command completion when selected (except for special cases).
  • ✨✨: Type a string without spaces, then press Space and Tab to get command completion.
  • ...: The description here will be filled in the future. If "..." is the last one in the completion, it means that the display area is too small to show all completions.

Available Completions List

Completions Source
PSCompletions PSCompletions - Module completion
git Git - Version control system
wsl WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux
docker Docker - Container Application Development
scoop Scoop - Software Manager
choco Choco (Chocolatey) - Software Manager
volta Volta - Accessible JavaScript Tool Manager
nvm NVM - Node Version Manager
pnpm PNPM - Package Manager
npm NPM - Package Manager
yarn Yarn - Package Manager
chfs Chfs (CuteHttpFileServer)
python Python - A programming language
... ...
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