Easy-to-understand, type-safe, transport-agnostic RPC/IPC for JavaScript, supporting callbacks, batching, file uploads, custom serialization, and more.


Prim+RPC is a JavaScript library that provides a simple way to make function calls from a client to a server without the need for extra boilerplate code. The library allows developers to write plain JavaScript or TypeScript and invoke typed code immediately without verbose wrappers around the communication channel. It is still in prerelease, so it may be unstable and functionality may change. The library consists of two short JavaScript files: a simple function on the server-side and a call to that function on the client-side. The repository file contains links to documentation and examples, installation instructions, and information about support, security, issues, development, contributions, and the release plan. Developers can support Prim+RPC by starring the repository, sharing with others, contributing code (either to the core or plugins), sponsoring the project, or following Ted, the creator of the project, for project updates. There is also a Security Policy that outlines the steps to take if there are any security issues. If developers have any questions or are having trouble using Prim+RPC, there is an option to open a new discussion. The Contribution Guide details how developers can contribute to the project. Lastly, the License(s) link provides information on the licenses used in the project. Overall, Prim+RPC aims to simplify the process of making function calls between JavaScript environments and eliminate the need for unnecessary code.
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