Quickly deploy preview environments to the cloud!


Preevy is a command-line interface (CLI) tool that simplifies the process of creating ephemeral preview environments. With Preevy, you can provision any Docker-Compose application on AWS or Google Cloud VMs and expose each service of your application to the web with a user-friendly public HTTPS URL, without any DNS/Certificate configuration. Preview environments can be managed using the Preevy CLI and easily updated or destroyed when necessary. Preevy is designed to be integrated into CI/CD flows and streamline development workflows. To get started using Preevy, you will need a local cloud provider configuration context and a Docker-Compose application. Preevy has two main components: the CLI, which provisions and tears down VMs, stores and accesses profile data, sets up a VM with Docker tooling, syncs Compose source code and local volumes, and runs the Compose app; and the tunnel server, which exposes friendly HTTPS URLs for the Compose services. Preevy's runtime settings are extracted from the Compose file, and no additional configuration is required. Plugins can be used to extend Preevy's functionality via externally-published NPM packages. Telemetry data is collected to help understand product usage and direct future development.
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