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The site provides insights to Open Source projects.

🖼️ Project Figma

The figma for this project can be found here.

🔬 Atomic Design

This project uses Atomic Design for it's Components. Here are several resources for Atomic Design if you are unfamiliar:

📙 Storybook

The Storybook for this project can be found at

Run it locally

npm run storybook

Deploy your branch (video explaining this)

Navigate to the Storybook Action. Choose your branch in the "Run Workflow" dropdown.

storybook action tab

🖥️ Local development

To install the application:

npm ci

To start a local copy of the app on port 3000:

npm run dev

☁️️ Netlify Edge Functions

Note: For the best local development experience, it is recommended to have the Netlify CLI installed globally. Follow the installation guide to set up Netlify CLI on your machine.

To start a local copy of the app on port 3000 with Netlify Edge Functions):

netlify dev

ğŸŽ¨ Code linting

To check the code and styles quality, use the following command:

npm run lint

This will also display during development, but not break on errors.

To fix the linting errors, use the following command:

npm run format

🚀 Production deployment

A production deployment is a complete build of the project, including the build of the static assets.

npm run build

🤝 Contributing

We encourage contributors to open issues or take a look at the Bugs or Papercuts. If you would like to find good first issues, please check out the companion project to this, open-sauced/hot or check out the #good-first-issues channel in our Discord.

We encourage you to contribute to OpenSauced! Please check out the Contributing guide for guidelines about how to self-assign an issue and how to get started.

We have a commit utility called @open-sauced/conventional-commit that helps you write your commits in a way that is easy to understand and process by others.

It is generally integrated as an npm script but you can run it with npx as well:

npm run push

For any other npm based project or dotnpmrc defaulting to --yes:

npx -y @open-sauced/conventional-commit

🍕 Community

Got Questions? Join the conversation in our Discord.
Find OpenSauced videos and release overviews on our YouTube Channel, and check out the resources on our org.