The open-source notification infrastructure with fully functional embedded notification center


Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure for developers that provides a unified API to send notifications through multiple channels, including In-App, Push, Email, SMS, and Chat. With Novu, you can create custom workflows and define conditions for each channel to ensure that the notifications are delivered in the most effective way possible. The platform offers a single API for all messaging providers, making it easy to manage notifications over multiple channels. It comes equipped with a CMS for advanced layouts and design management, and built-in protection for missing variables (coming soon). Novu is community-driven and offers an embeddable notification center with real-time updates. The Novu API and admin panel provide an easy way to add a real-time notification center to your web app without building it yourself. Using the API, you can trigger notifications using the @novu/node package. Novu provides a single API to manage providers across multiple channels with a simple-to-use interface. Supported email providers include Sendgrid, Netcore, Mailgun, SES, Postmark, Custom SMTP, Mailjet, Mandrill, SendinBlue, MailerSend, Infobip, Resend, SparkPost, and Outlook 365. Supported SMS providers include Twilio, Plivo, SNS, Nexmo - Vonage, Sms77, Telnyx, Termii, Gupshup, SMS Central, Maqsam, 46elks, Clickatell, Burst SMS, Firetext, and Infobip. Supported push providers include FCM, Expo, APNS, OneSignal, and Pushwoosh. Supported chat providers include Slack, Discord, MS Teams, and Mattermost. Novu is licensed under the MIT License, and the project welcomes contributions from the community. Anyone joining the project is expected to read and adhere to the Code of Conduct. If users encounter any errors or issues, they can join the Discord server for help.
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