MusicPlayer,基于dotNET_ C#_ WPF的开源音乐软件


MoZhiMusicPlayer is a personal open-source music client based on dotNET, C#, and WPF. It supports synchronized animation and progress of lyrics, cross rotation of multi-singer photo animations, and audio dynamic spectrum animation. MoZhiYunStudio plans to add additional features such as a music listening and recognition module based on sound fingerprint technology and an AI singing module based on NLP. The software provides a preview of its interface and can be downloaded from their GitHub page. Visual Studio 2022 is recommended for Git clone and pull. Additionally, the software author provides a QQ learning group number and links to resources for additional music resources. The software is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license, and violating regulations may result in legal action to recover profits for charitable and open source activities expenses.
Company Screenshot