MusicPlayer,基于dotNET_ C#_ WPF的开源音乐软件




A local music software that is expected to support multiple platforms with AI capabilities and multimodal features.

The goal of NSMusicS is to integrate various functions (such as artificial intelligence, streaming, music library management, cross platform, etc.), which can be understood as similar to Navidrome but with more features than Navidrome. It wants to become a plugin integrated application that can almost have all music functions.


ProjectDevelopment statusTechnology FrameworkAuthor/Copyright OwnerOperating systemsLICENSESoftware positioning
NSMusicS_For_Webupdateingelectron,docker,vue,nodejs,ts,vite,sqlite My SkillsXiang Cheng(Windows,Linux(ubuntu+,Docker),MacOS,Android11++,IOS) Based on the Chrome kernelA-GPL 3.0Open source + Commercial
NSMusicScompletedotnet8(wpf),cs,window,sqlite My SkillsXiang Cheng(Windows10++)A-GPL 3.0Open source + Commercial
NSMusicS_For_PythonApp_Of_AudioProcessingwill developedpytorch,py My SkillsXiang ChengpythonApache License 2.0Open source
NSMusicS_For_Knowledge_GraphNot startedNebulaGraph / Neo4j Xiang Cheng(Windows10++/Linux)A-GPL 3.0Open source + Commercial
NSMusicS_For_FlutterNot startedflutter,dart My SkillsXiang Cheng(Windows10++,Linux(ubuntu+,群晖Nas+Docker),MacOS,Android11++,IOS)A-GPL 3.0Open source + Commercial
MZMusicNot startedelectron,docker,vue,nodejs,ts,vite My SkillsMZMusic Team(win,linux,macos...)Apache License 2.0Open source

The management dashboard for NSMusicS_Web


Interface preview:

NSMusicS Web(Electron):Under development

NSMusicS .NET(WPF):Development completed

Author's Message

  • As this project is currently independently developed by Xiang Cheng(myself), programming standards are a personal habit of the Xiang Cheng(myself), and coding standards are not yet standardized enough. However, this project will continue to undergo self refactoring and reverse development. It can be affirmed that in the future, NSMusicS will form a standard coding specification, which will be beneficial for the community to develop third-party NSMusicS plugins, Enable NSMusicS to meet the diverse needs of more potential customers,Most importantly, NSMusicS will always be open source and continuously updated

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