A lightweight web framework designed for building efficient backend applications. Initially created for study purposes, now production-ready and open for contributions.


MacawFramework is a lightweight and easy-to-use web framework for Ruby, designed to simplify the development of small to medium-sized web applications. It provides support for various HTTP methods, caching, and session management to help developers quickly build and deploy their applications. MacawFramework supports basic routing with GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE HTTP methods. Its caching middleware improves performance, while its server-side in-memory storage allows secure user session management. Developers can customize various aspects of the framework through the application.json configuration file, including rate limiting, SSL support, and Prometheus integration. Built-in Prometheus support makes it easy to monitor application performance and metrics. To use MacawFramework, simply install the gem and add it to the application's Gemfile. Compatibility is high, as the framework uses only native Ruby code and is compatible with Matz's Ruby Interpreter (MRI), TruffleRuby, and JRuby. Cron jobs can be defined within application code, which run at set intervals, starting after an optional delay. Caution should be taken when defining many jobs with low intervals, as this can severely degrade performance. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub, and the project adheres to a code of conduct. The gem is available as open source under the MIT License.
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