Laravel Priority Queue driver


Priority Queues driver implementation for Laravel. Utilizing DB Driver.



ShipSaaS - Laravel Priority Queue Driver

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A simple Priority Queue Driver for your Laravel Applications to serve your priority messages and makes users happy 🔋.

With the famous Repository Pattern of Laravel, Priority Queue Driver is easily get injected into Laravel's Lifecycle without any hassle/hurdle.

We can use built-in artisan command php artisan queue:work 😎.


  • Laravel 11 (supports by default)
  • Laravel 10 (supports until Laravel drops the bug fixes at August 6th, 2024)
  • PHP 8.2 & 8.3
  • Any database that Laravel supported.

Architecture Diagram

Seth Phat - Laravel Priority Queue

Why Priority Queue Driver use Database?

  • Everybody knows Database (MySQL, PgSQL, etc) 👀.
  • Easy and simple to implement ❤️.
  • Utilize the ORDER BY and INDEX for fast queue msgs pop process. Faster than any other stuff 🔥.
  • Highest visibility (you can view the jobs and their data in DB) ⭐️.
  • Highest flexibility (you can change the weight directly in DB to unblock important msgs) 💰.
  • No extra tool involved. Just Laravel 🥰.

Install Laravel Priority Queue

composer require shipsaas/laravel-priority-queue

One-Time Setup

Export and run the migration (one-time). We don't load migration by default just in case you want to customize the migration schema 😎.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=priority-queue-migrations
php artisan migrate

Open config/queue.php and add this to the connections array:

'connections' => [
    // ... a lot of connections above
    // then our lovely guy here
    'database-priority' => [
        'driver' => 'database-priority',
        'connection' => 'mysql',
        'table' => 'priority_jobs',
        'queue' => 'default',
        'retry_after' => 90,
        'after_commit' => false, // or true, depends on your need

Scale/Reliability Consideration

It is recommended to use a different database connection (eg mysql_secondary) to avoid the worker processes ramming your primary database.


The Job Weight

The default job weight is 500.

You can define a hardcoded weight for your job by using the $jobWeight property.

class SendEmail implements ShouldQueue
    public int $jobWeight = 500;

Or if you want to calculate the job weight on runtime, you can use the UseJobPrioritization trait:

use ShipSaasPriorityQueue\Traits\UseJobPrioritization;

class SendEmail implements ShouldQueue
    use UseJobPrioritization;
    public function getJobWeight() : int
        return $this->user->isUsingProPlan()
            ? 1000
            : 500;

Dispatch the Queue

You can use the normal Dispatcher or Queue Facade,... to dispatch the Queue Msgs

As primary queue


And you're ready to roll.

As secondary queue

Specify the database-priority connection when dispatching a queue msg.

// use Dispatcher
SendEmail::dispatch($user, $emailContent)

// use Queue Facade
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Queue;

    ->push(new SendEmail($user, $emailContent));

I get that you guys might don't want to explicitly put the connection name. Alternatively, you can do this:

class SendEmail implements ShouldQueue
    // first option
    public $connection = 'database-priority';
    public function __construct()
        // second option

Run The Queue Worker

Nothing different from the Laravel Documentation 😎. Just need to include the database-priority driver.

php artisan queue:work database-priority

# Extra win, priority on topic
php artisan queue:work database-priority --queue=custom


Run composer test 😆

Available Tests:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing against MySQL and queue:work command


  • Seth Phat

Contributions & Support the Project

Feel free to submit any PR, please follow PSR-1/PSR-12 coding conventions and unit test is a must.

If this package is helpful, please give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank you!


MIT License