Open source alerting management for software developers.


Keep is an open-source alert management tool designed for developers, by developers. It provides a simple and intuitive syntax similar to GitHub Actions, making it easy to manage and version alerts declaratively in your service repository. With Keep, you can receive alerts from multiple data sources for added context and insights without vendor lock-in, making it easier to switch to a different observability tool if needed. Keep has a simple CLI to configure, trigger and test alerts, and is easily deployable via Docker, Vercel, GitHub Actions, etc. Alerts are managed by simple YAML files that are human-readable. Providers are Keep's way of interacting with third-party products; Keep uses them either to query data or to send notifications. Keep comes with 10s of providers ready to use with your own data, including Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.), Monitoring (Sentry, New Relic, Datadog, etc.), Incident Management (PagerDuty, OpsGenie, etc.), Communication (Email, Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, etc.), and more. To get started, you can try the first mock alert and get it up and running in Slack using Keep to configure it. You can also run Keep locally or in Docker, and click the Deploy to Render button to deploy Keep as a background worker running in Render. Keepers can share feedback/ask questions via their Slack community, explore the full list of supported providers, explore the documentation, add a new provider, or check out their website.
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