āœ… The 5th major version of the programmer-friendly testing framework for Java and the JVM


This GitHub README.md file provides information about JUnit 5, which is a testing framework for Java. The latest stable release of JUnit 5 is version 5.9.3, while the latest preview release is version 5.10.0-M1. The repository includes documentation such as a user guide, Javadoc, release notes, and sample code. Contributions to JUnit 5 are welcome, and guidelines for contributing can be found in CONTRIBUTING.md. Users can ask questions about JUnit 5 on StackOverflow or chat with the community on Gitter. The repository also includes information on continuous integration builds, code coverage using JaCoCo, and Gradle Enterprise. To build and test JUnit 5 from source, users need JDK 17 and can use the Gradle Wrapper. All modules can be installed in a local Maven repository for use in other projects via the Gradle Wrapper. The Dependency Metadata section of the User Guide lists all artifacts of JUnit Platform, JUnit Jupiter, and JUnit Vintage. Lastly, the repository provides links to Codecov for code coverage and to releases and snapshots.
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