An Open Source Financial Switch to make Payments fast, reliable and affordable


HyperSwitch is an open-source financial switch that enables seamless routing of payment traffic across multiple payment processors. With HyperSwitch, users can reduce their dependence on a single processor like Stripe or Braintree and improve success rates with auto-retries and seamless failover. The platform also offers smart routing to reduce processing fees, customized payment flows, and increased business reach with local/alternate payment methods. HyperSwitch supports 30 payment processors and multiple payment methods with plans to support over 100 processors by H2 2023. The hosted version offers additional features for managing payment infrastructure, compliance, analytics, and operations. Users can get started with HyperSwitch in multiple ways, including trying it out in the sandbox environment or installing it in their local systems. The project is maintained by Juspay and built in Rust, leveraging their experience in building large-scale enterprise-grade payment solutions. The community is encouraged to contribute to the project, and the roadmap is open for feedback. Users can join various communication channels to get updates on HyperSwitch development and chat with the community. Finally, this project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.
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