Authentication and user management for the passkey era.


Hanko is an open-source authentication and user management solution aimed at moving beyond passwords using passkey technology. It's API-first, cloud-native, and has a small footprint. The project is built and maintained by Hanko.io, an active member of the FIDO Alliance, and offers self-hosting or Hanko Cloud deployment options. The Hanko backend provides an authentication API for passkeys, passcodes, and optional passwords, as well as user management and JWT issuing. Hanko Elements are web components that offer a customizable onboarding and login experience with CSS, while the hanko-frontend-sdk is a client package for using the Hanko API. The repository includes a quickstart app that demonstrates the Hanko login experience and acts as a reference implementation, along with example implementations for various frameworks and documentation. Users can try out the hosted live example and companion page passkeys.io or use the quickstart app to familiarize themselves with the Hanko backend API and web components. The Hanko roadmap features passkeys, email passcodes, passwords, JWT signing, user management API, customized CSS, JavaScript frontend SDK, passkey autofill, audit logs API, security key support, mobile app support, rate limiting, OAuth logins, custom translations, and more. Additional features requested but not yet on the roadmap are basic email templating, refresh tokens/sessions, 2FA for securing passcodes & passwords, webhooks, privileged sessions/step-up authentication, bot protection/Captcha, SMS passcode delivery, and SAML support. Questions, bugs, ideas, and feedback can be addressed through discussion sections or by joining the growing Slack community or following Hanko on Twitter. Hanko-elements and hanko-frontend-sdk are licensed under the MIT License, while everything else in the repository, including the Hanko backend, is licensed under the AGPL-3.0.
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