? Flutter custom widget to make a group buttons. Included Radio and CheckBox buttons.


This is a Flutter package for creating groups of buttons with custom styles and values. It includes models for radio and checkbox buttons. The package allows for easy customization of button appearance through the use of builders and the GroupButtonOptions class. With version 4.1.0, a controller was added to allow for more control over the group button. To use this package, first add it as a dependency in your project, then import the package. The GroupButton widget can be used to create a group of buttons, and a simple example is provided in the raw text. In version 5.0.0, custom button value types were added, and builders are available to further customize button appearance. The GroupButtonOptions class allows for full customization of button appearance, including border radius, spacing, alignment, and elevation. There are also examples provided for further reference. Thanks are given to all contributors to the package, and documentation for Flutter is recommended for beginners.
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