GodotJS - Add TypeScript/JavaScript Support for Godot 4.x with v8




This project adds TypeScript/JavaScript Support for Godot 4.x by leveraging the high-performance capabilities of V8 to bring the delightful development experience of TypeScript into Godot.

windows macos linux

[!NOTE] The core functionality is implemented and essentially usable but still under testing.



  • Godot ScriptLanguage integration
  • Debug with Chrome devtools when using V8
  • REPL in Editor
  • Hot-reloading
  • Asynchronous module loading (import function)
  • Sandboxed scripting (not multi-threading)
  • Worker threads

Get Started

STEP 1: Download or clone the repo into the modules directory of your Godot engine source:

cd YourGodotEngineSource/modules
git clone https://github.com/ialex32x/GodotJS.git

STEP 2: Put v8 headers and libraries into GodotJS, or directly download the prebuilt v8 from GodotJS-Dependencies:

# download the archive of prebuilt v8 
curl https://github.com/ialex32x/GodotJS-Dependencies/releases/download/v8_r6/v8_r6.zip --output your/download/path/v8.zip

# extract the zip file into your `GodotJS` directory, 
# NOTE: no white space after the switch `-o`
7z x -o"YourGodotEngineSource/modules/GodotJS" your/download/path/v8.zip 

The module directroy structure looks like this:

┗━ godot
    ┗━ modules
        ┣━ ...
        ┣━ gltf
        ┣━ GodotJS
        ┃    ┣━ bridge-quickjs
        ┃    ┣━ bridge-v8
        ┃    ┣━ ...
        ┃    ┣━ lws
        ┃    ┗━ v8
        ┃        ┣━ include
        ┃        ┣━ linux.x86_64.release
        ┃        ┣━ macos.arm64.release
        ┃        ┗━ windows.x86_64.release
        ┣━ gridmap
        ┣━ ...

The currently used version of v8 is

STEP 3: Compile and launch Godot Editor. Then, install TypeScript/JavaScript presets into a Godot project.

A prebuilt version of Godot Editor can be downloaded from GodotJS-Build.

[!NOTE] Since the prebuilt v8 library is built with the windows-latest github runner which uses VS2022, encountering Unresolved external symbol errors during linkage with v8_monolith.lib or libucrt.lib may be addressed by updating to the latest version of the MSVC v143 toolchain, Windows Universal CRT SDK and Visual Studio 2022 itself.


For more information on how to use GodotJS in a project, check out GodotJSExample for examples written in typescript.

Example: Snake Example: Jummpy Bird

More Details




Auxiliary Repositories

  • GodotJSExample: An example godot project for demonstrating how to use GodotJS
  • GodotJS-Build: Github workflows for building Godot Editor with GodotJS support
  • GodotJS-Dependencies: Github workflows for building dependencies of GodotJS (v8, lws)

Supported Platforms

  • Windows: x86_64
  • Windows: arm64, UWP
  • MacOS: arm64
  • MacOS: x86_64
  • Linux: x86_64
  • Linux: arm64
  • Android
  • iOS
  • WebAssembly (quickjs only)