Flutter Gallery


Flutter Gallery is a resource to help developers evaluate and use Flutter


Flutter Gallery is a collection of Material Design and Cupertino widgets, behaviors, and vignettes implemented with Flutter. Its purpose is to help developers evaluate and use Flutter by showcasing what Flutter provides and how it behaves in the wild. The gallery features adaptive layout for mobile and desktop, state restoration support, settings for text scaling, text direction, locale, theme, demo for animations, foldable support, and deferred loading. It has been built to support multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, web, macOS, Linux, and Windows. To run the gallery, one can do so locally by following the instructions provided. The Flutter Gallery targets Flutter's master channel, allowing it to take advantage of new SDK features that haven't landed in the stable channel. The gallery has its own set of unit, golden, and integration tests. In addition, Flutter itself uses the gallery in tests. There are also instructions provided for including a new splash animation and releasing the Flutter Gallery.
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