Fleetbase: a flexible platform for logistics and supply chain, built on adaptable extensions, providing robust digital infrastructure for developers.


This is the README.md file for Fleetbase, an open-source logistics and supply chain platform. The platform's core is built around a collection of "extensions" that are purposefully engineered to fulfill specific roles within the supply chain and logistics ecosystem. Fleetbase comes pre-installed with several key extensions such as FleetOps, Storefront, and Dev Console. These extensions provide immediate utility out-of-the-box. Fleetbase is highly versatile, catering to a broad array of applications across different industries. Fleetbase extensions allow developers to enhance and customize the functionality of Fleetbase to suit specific needs, making it adaptable and scalable. Fleetbase offers a few open-sourced apps, including the Storefront App and Navigator App, which can be cloned and customized. The Fleetbase Guide and API reference offer comprehensive documentation. Fleetbase has a community where updates on development and communication with project maintainers and community members take place. Fleetbase is licensed under the MIT License.
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