A visual low code form editor based on vue, The PC depends on element-plus while the mobile depends on vant. It provides an easy way to create custom forms. The project is extensible, easy to use a…


Everright-formEditor is a free and open-source visual low-code editor that allows creating forms with simple operations through a GUI interface. It supports both Chinese and English languages and can be used on PC and mobile devices. The editor provides rich fields and layout containers, flexible interaction, and logical controllers such as visible, required, and read-only. The editor, previewer, and configuration panel can all be used separately. The editor utilizes several libraries including vue, element-plus, vant, sortablejs, jss, lodash, nanoid, async, @vuelidate/core, axios, and signature_pad. The PC version of the editor depends on element-plus while the mobile version depends on vant. There is a set of adapters to convert parameters into ones that can be recognized by both element-plus and vant. The editor provides different types of fields such as input, email, ID, cellphone, URL, textarea, number, radio, checkbox, select, time, date, rate, switch, slider, html, cascader, file, signature, and region. It also offers logical control operators for each field type such as equal, not equal, contains, not contain, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, less than or equal to, between, equal to one of, not equal to one of, belong to one of, not belong to one of, empty, and not empty. The README.md file includes links to the editor's documentation, examples, and sample screenshots of the editor, previewer, config panel, fields adaptation, containers adaptation, and logical controller.
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