A query builder component for Vue3. Supports filtering of multiple data types, including string, number, dropdown, cascade, region, date, and time.


Everright-filter is a UI tool that makes data filtering easy by providing multiple filters for string, number, dropdown, cascade, region, date and time. It supports various operators like equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, interval, etc., providing flexibility to define filtering rules based on specific conditions. Everright-filter also supports filtering on date, year, month, day, relative time and absolute time. It has conditional grouping settings that enable the combination of multiple conditions using logical operators (AND/OR). The tool also supports the filtering of behavioral data by setting start and end time, limit times, and limit attributes. Each filter type is separately extracted, which can be embedded into different UI interfaces such as search boxes, filter panels or table headers. Everright-filter provides consistent functions and data structures, eliminating the need to develop separate filter functions for different interfaces, saving development resources and time. It supports Chinese and English languages and developers can easily configure the required functions' data structure according to the document UI interface, saving the tedious manual coding and debugging process. Examples of linear and matrix application scenarios are provided for data filtering, and quick-search and quick-filter application scenarios for searching and filtering in a column of the list. Screenshots of each scenario are also included.
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