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Devtron deeply integrates with products across the lifecycle of microservices,i.e., CI, CD, security, cost, debugging, and observability via an intuitive web interface.

Devtron helps you deploy, observe, manage & debug existing Helm apps in all your clusters.

Devtron Demo Environment

Please log in the Demo environment using github credentials. Please note the user is granted view access.

Devtron Features

Application-level Resource grouping for easier Debugging
  • Devtron groups your Kubernetes objects deployed via Helm charts and display them in a slick UI for easier monitoring or debugging. Access pod logs and resource manifests right from the Devtron UI and even edit them!
Centralized Access Management
  • Control and give customizable view-only, edit access to users on Project, Environment and Application levels
Deploy, Manage and Observe on multiple clusters
  • Deploy and manage Helm charts, applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters (hosted on multiple clouds/on-prem) right from a single Devtron setup


Devtron is designed to be modular, and its functionality can be easily extended with the help of integrations.

CI/CD Integration

Devtron CI/CD with GitOps integration is used to automate the builds and deployments and enables the software development teams to focus on meeting the business requirements, code quality, and security.

  • Devtron leverages Kubernetes auto-scaling and centralized caching to give you unlimited cost-efficient CI workers.
  • Supports pre-CI and post-CI integrations for code quality monitoring.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Clair for image vulnerability scanning.
  • Supports different deployment strategies: Blue/Green, Rolling, Canary, and Recreate.
  • Implements GitOps to manage the state of Kubernetes applications.
  • Integrates with ArgoCD for continuous deployment.
  • Checks logs, events, and manifests or exec inside containers for debugging.
  • Provides deployment metrics like; deployment frequency, lead time, change failure rate, and mean-time recovery.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Grafana for continuous application metrics like CPU and memory usage, status code, throughput, and latency on the dashboard.



Before you begin, you must create a Kubernetes cluster (preferably K8s 1.16 or higher) and install Helm.

1. Install Devtron with CI/CD Integration

Run the following command to install the latest version of Devtron along with the CI/CD module:

helm repo add devtron

helm install devtron devtron/devtron-operator \
--create-namespace --namespace devtroncd \
--set installer.modules={cicd}

Access Devtron

URL: Use the following command to get the dashboard URL:

kubectl get svc -n devtroncd devtron-service -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress}'


UserName: admin
Password: Run the following command to get the admin password for Devtron version v0.6.0 and higher

kubectl -n devtroncd get secret devtron-secret -o jsonpath='{.data.ADMIN_PASSWORD}' | base64 -d

For Devtron version less than v0.6.0, run the following command to get the admin password:

kubectl -n devtroncd get secret devtron-secret -o jsonpath='{.data.ACD_PASSWORD}' | base64 -d

Please refer to the document for more information on how to access the Devtron Dashboard.

Installation Status

The above install command for CI/CD integration starts Devtron-operator, which takes about 20 minutes to spin up all of the Devtron microservices one by one. You can check the status of the installation with the following command:

kubectl -n devtroncd get installers installer-devtron \
-o jsonpath='{.status.sync.status}'

The command executes with one of the following output messages, indicating the status of the installation:

  • Downloaded: The installer has downloaded all the manifests, and installation is in progress.
  • Applied: The installer has successfully applied all the manifests, and the installation is complete.

2. Install Devtron with Helm Bundle

helm repo add devtron

helm install devtron devtron/devtron-operator --create-namespace --namespace devtroncd

:blue_heart: Technology

Devtron is built on some of the most trusted and loved technologies:

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:muscle: Trusted By

Devtron is trusted by Enterprises and Communities all across the globe:

  • Delhivery: Delhivery is an Indian delivery and e-commerce logistics company, that provides end-to-end Supply Chain solutions through cutting-edge technology
  • BharatPe: Bharatpe is an Indian fintech company that offers a range of products including interoperable QR codes for UPI payments, POS machines for card acceptance, and small business financing
  • Livspace: Livspace is a home interior and renovation company, that provides interior design and renovation services in Singapore and India
  • Moglix: Moglix is an industrial B2B marketplace and an e-commerce platform for industrial tools and equipment, used largely by businesses in India
  • Xoxoday: Xoxoday provides technology infrastructure to enable businesses to automate rewards, incentives & payouts for employees, customers & channel partners

:question: FAQs & Troubleshooting

:page_facing_up: Compatibility

Current build

  • Devtron uses modified version of Argo Rollout
  • Application metrics only work for K8s version 1.16+

Support, Contribution, and Community

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Check out our contributing guidelines. Included, are directions for opening issues, coding standards, and notes on our development processes. We deeply appreciate your contribution.

Please look at our community contributions and feel free to create a video or blog around Devtron and add your valuable contribution to the list.


We are deeply grateful to all our amazing contributors!

:bug: Vulnerability Reporting

We at Devtron, take security and our users' trust very seriously. If you believe you have found a security issue, please report it to

:bookmark: License

Devtron is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0