Utilities and data structures used by several of my projects


Module org.cicirello.core

Module org.cicirello.core

The Java module org.cicirello.core provides core utilities and data structures used in various libraries and projects, including Chips-n-Salsa and JavaPermutationTools. It supports Java 17+ and follows Semantic Versioning.


The Java module org.cicirello.core provides essential tools and data structures used in our libraries and projects. It is utilized in Chips-n-Salsa and JavaPermutationTools, as well as other applications that depend on these libraries.

Java 17+

The org.cicirello.core module requires Java 17 or higher. Refer to the following table for compatibility details:

Version Java Requirements
2.x.y Java 17+
1.x.y Java 11+

Versioning Scheme

The module uses Semantic Versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) for versioning. MAJOR versions indicate incompatible API changes, MINOR versions introduce backward-compatible features, and PATCH versions include backward-compatible bug fixes.


Code examples can be found in the source code of JavaPermutationTools and Chips-n-Salsa.

Java Modules

The library provides a Java module named org.cicirello.core. If your project uses the Java Platform Module System, add the following to your

		module {
			requires org.cicirello.core;

Importing from Package Repositories

Prebuilt artifacts are published to Maven Central, GitHub Packages, and JitPack. The recommended repository is Maven Central, but JitPack may be useful for unreleased versions or specific commits. GitHub Packages is used as a fallback if Maven Central is unavailable.

Importing from Maven Central

Add this to your pom.xml dependencies section, replacing x.y.z with the desired version number:


Importing from GitHub Packages

If you prefer importing from GitHub Packages, follow the previous steps and add the following to your pom.xml repositories section:

				<name>GitHub cicirello Apache Maven Packages</name>

Note that GitHub Packages requires authentication.

Importing from JitPack

JitPack can also be used for importing. Add the following to your pom.xml repositories section:


For JitPack, specify the dependency as follows (replace x.y.z with the desired version):

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