? Ultimate test automation framework for automating any application on any platform


Boyka is a comprehensive test automation framework that enables automated testing of any application on any platform. It provides a solution for automating API, web, and mobile applications, eliminating the need for multiple frameworks and reducing maintenance complexity. The Boyka framework offers the following key features:
  • Zero boilerplate code
  • Support for Rest API automation with schema validations and response body verification
  • Support for web browser automation with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Support for automation of Android and iOS native apps
  • Multi-user multi-platform session interactions
  • Execution of web tests on cloud platforms like BrowserStack and LambdaTest
  • Highly configurable via boyka-config.json
  • Micro logging to log events of the test execution
  • Support for taking screenshots
  • Highly extensible via listeners
Boyka is continuously improving and planning to introduce additional features such as support for GraphQL and SOAP API automation, video recording of tests for web and mobile platforms, and integration with more cloud platforms.
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