Bitwarden client applications (web, browser extension, desktop, and cli)


This GitHub repository contains all of the Bitwarden client applications except for the mobile application. The Contributing Documentation section provides information on build instructions, recommended tools, code style tips, and other useful information to get started. The Bitwarden server is the core infrastructure backend that includes API, database, Docker, and others, while the Bitwarden mobile app vault is available for iOS and Android users. Additionally, the directory connector is a tool that helps synchronize a directory (AD, LDAP, Azure, G Suite, Okta) to an organization. Those interested in contributing can find various positions available on the Careers page. Code contributions are welcome, and pull requests should be committed against the master branch. The Contributing Guidelines provide more details on how to contribute, including getting started with your first contribution. The development team welcomes security audits and feedback, and reports can be submitted privately or by opening an issue. More information on Bitwarden's security policy is available in the file.
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