Advanced Programming Project (Basketball Game)



Basketball-game project

Project summary

This project was one of the final projects of our Advanced Programming course at the Guilan University, which was instructed by Prof. Sadegh Eskandari, that we'd to implement one of them to pass the course. But we'd decided to do both available projects, so we passed the course with the max score (20 of 20). This project was also the best project of the course at the time (you can check the website of the course by clicking here). After that, we were offered to be Teaching Assistants of the course for the next semesters.
We'd to implement this project in Python programming language using the Pygame package. You can see our other Advanced Programming project by clicking here!

NOTE: We didn't use GitHub while we were working on these projects, so my team isn't listed as contributors.

How to run

Python3 and the Pygame package are needed to run the game.

How to install Python

Download a suitable Python version from here.
Then install it and don't forget to check (enable) the add to path option while installing.
After that you can test it by entering pip3 command in the terminal.

How to install Pygame


pip install pygame

Linux | MacOS:

pip3 install pygame

Then you have to download and extract the project files from releases page.
Then direct to that folder and open the terminal in that folder and enter one of these commands (choose the right one based on your OS).


python Basketball.py

Linux | MacOS:

python3 Basketball.py

How to play

Choose a mode to play: Solo or Multi-Player

ScreenRec 0014

Solo mode

Enter username (sign up if it's your first time) - select difficulty - select your player color

ScreenRec 0016

Hit the basket!


Multi-Player mode

Enter usernames (sign up if it's your first time)

ScreenRec 0019

Select each player's color

ScreenRec 0020

Try to defeat your opponent!

1st player controlls:
  • Moves with: Arrow keys
  • Shoots with: L
  • Goal: Left
2nd player controlls:
  • Moves with: WASD keys
  • Shoots with: V
  • Goal: Right


Sign Up

Enter your username and name

ScreenRec 0018

Team (alphabetical order)

Ali Dadashzadeh

Kiyan Rezaee

Vahid Aghilzadeh

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